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All photos by William Hall

Monday July 11th- Thursday 14th, 30 students, group one was grades 1-5,  and group two was grades 6 - 8attended New Kensington ART Camp. Sponsors of the camp were the East Suburban Artists League who provided a grant that paid for all the materials that were available to the children.  The NKAC provided the sponsorship & physical facility in which the classes were held.

Patti Giordano and Jan Florina taught the classes with the help of volunteers.




Patti Giordano

DAY 1 - Reading "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds in which he conveys the message that everyone has artistic talent.  It is only to be "tapped" & enjoyed.  Students then created a picture consistent with Vashti, the technique & experience of the main character in the book after instruction & watercolor painting using the color wheel & Primary & Secondary colors creating the various colors obtained by use of just red, yellow & blue.


DAY  2 -review of Primary & Secondary colors - that color is a sensation, warm - red, yellow, orange & cool-blue, green & purple -- that a painting can be done in either landscape or portrait position of the paper -- followed by a demo in "Straw Painting" - using just the 3 Primaries placed by drops on their paper they blew through straws to create magnificent blends of colors -- Discussion about "Impressionism" & the origin of the word - Claude Monet & Vincent Van Gogh & the paintings of their sunflowers.  This was an introduction to "Still-life"  They were given watercolors & paper to create a Still Life.  They loved watercolors!


Day  3-Reading & reference to a bio of Henri Matisse by Mila Boutan - Matisse did "Scissor Art" - an abstract example was shown - they were given paper, scissors, colored paper & wallpaper pieces to cut into shapes to arrange on their paper - followed by glue sticks to fasten the cut work - when finished they wrote on the back some comments about their picture - they were all so busy! -


Day 4-shown pictures by Eric Carle showing layering & lots of color - example shown & a short demo did "Tissue Paper" art with colorful torn pieces of tissue paper glued to their paper with watered down Elmer's glue - results of a stained-glass effect, some did 3Ds - 2nd project of day 4 was a crayon resist - crayon drawing of a car with water color over all. These were used for the Car Cruise Art Show at NKAC .



Children's Art Week

Jan Fiorina

Each day I presented an art lesson and a different craft. Optical Illusions were presented the 1st day and all students made twisting squares. The craft, with their choice of color , designed clay pens. The second day more illusions were added. The students enjoyed the craft of paper marbling. Day 3, the students shaded round objects and eyes. Leather work was the craft. Finally, more illusions were added and 3Ds. The final craft Marie helped the students express themselves in words punched on metal.


At the end of the week each student had a large Op Art and a variety of crafts to take home.


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